Singapore presents its vision for sustainability at the Dubai World Expo


Creation of a tropical forest in the desert.

It sounds contradictory, but that’s what the Singapore pavilion team decided to do at the Dubai World Expo, which opens on Friday (October 1).

And he does it independently.

Entitled “Nature, Nurture, Future,” the pavilion is a one-minute walk from the main entrance to the Expo Sustainability District.

It’s a sweaty walk in the sweltering desert sun, so arriving at the Singapore pavilion feels like stepping into an oasis. In fact, the perceived temperature drops from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius in the Pavilion, without the use of air conditioning.

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This is the effect of a combination of 80,000 plants, dry mist fans, a covered shelter and an open design that allows air circulation.

“It is an integration of nature with technology, architecture and coexistence with people,” said pavilion commissioner general Larry Ng.



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