Sona Mohapatra recalls receiving rape threats for calling Salman Khan


Sona Mohapatra has never been shy about speaking her mind. Sona said she “actually had shit in dabbas in her studio” in 2016 when she called Salman Khan for his remarks while he was promoting Sultan.

After Sultan’s grueling shoot, Salman previously said he felt like a “raped woman”. Salman did not comment on the matter despite his father Salim Khan apologizing for the statement. During a recent chat, Sona revealed to ETimes that she received death threats after speaking out about Salman’s statement.

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Because she called Salman Khan for his comments, which Sona claimed she suffered the most appalling and horrific trolling, including death threats, and really did bring dabbas into his studio. After a two-month process, the Minister of Women and Child Development was forced to release a statement in which she announced the launch of the hashtag “I’m being stalked” to improve the safety of women and children. online after Sona Mohapatra received horrific threats.

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Sona revealed that she was turned into porn sites and received gang rape threats daily. Sona said it was the work of a coordinated digital army, not just the actor’s fans. She said: It was premeditated, even though it fosters a culture of bullying and harassment online and further scares women from being online in this public space. She made the decision to play this game vigorously because many paying bots were joining her.

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For the uninitiated, at the time, Sona had also evoked: “Battled women, crushed people, slaughtered wild animals and yet #heroes of the nation. ‘Unfair’. India full of these supporters. I heard that Salman attempted to recant after saying it, indicating some self-awareness of how untrue it was. Saying sorry won’t hurt. Dear idol of millions, Asking your dad to apologize every day is not enough. Teach your fans something good for a change? #India. »



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