Tesla’s AI Day is Coming: What Was Announced Last Year? And what can we expect this time?


Key learning points

  • Tesla’s AI Day 2022 will livestream on September 30.
  • The big day includes a display of Tesla’s most fascinating technological advancements in the past year and a preview of what’s to come next year.
  • Last year’s big announcement was the Optimus, a full-size AI-controlled robot that is likely to be unveiled on stage at the end of the month.

As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of technology, including all things artificial intelligence, the company and its captivating founder Elon Musk have some interesting things to share with the public. And the company now makes it a point to share its technological advancements with the public every year. AI Day number two is coming.

Let’s see what Tesla AI day is. For context, we also summarize what was announced last year.

What is Tesla’s AI Day?

Tesla AI Day is a display of the company’s most exciting technology. Since Tesla likes to ride on the edge of technology, revealing their progress is really exciting.

The company’s growing popularity means a growing audience at all of Tesla’s announcement events. On AI Day in 2021, millions of people watched coverage of the event.

On the face of it, the purpose of the event is to showcase technological advancements to the buying public. But on a deeper level, AI Day is meant to attract top talent to Musk’s company. Sometimes really bizarre ideas are presented on AI Day. The hope is that these visions of future technology will encourage top AI talent to work with Tesla to realize these ideas.

What was announced at last year’s AI day?

The original AI Day took place in 2021. This year AI Day will take place on September 30. Although it was originally scheduled for August 19, the date was pushed back to give the technology behind the scenes a little more time.

Understanding what was announced last year can provide some insight into what might be on the agenda this year. Lucky for you, we have the big news from last year’s event detailed below. Here’s a closer look.


While there was a lot of information about Tesla’s vehicle offerings, an important new idea was revealed: Optimus. This latest innovation is a humanoid robot designed to take on boring or dangerous tasks that real people might not want to do.

Optimus has not been operational since last year. Instead, a real human dressed in a robotic suit stood on stage to help viewers visualize the concept. The extremely futuristic idea captured the imagination of people all over the world.

It’s almost certain that Tesla will provide an update on progress toward this bold goal at this year’s event. And there have already been rumors about Optimus.


Another 2021 reveal was the Dojo chip, which is used to run a Tesla supercomputer. Instead of working from existing systems, the Dojo system is built from the ground up with a large system in mind.

Since the chip is an important part of Tesla’s future plans for fully self-driving vehicles, AI Day viewers are likely to get an update on this crucial piece of the automation puzzle.

Visions of a fully self-driving vehicle

It’s clear that Tesla is working hard to be at the forefront of technology. One of the ways it hopes to change the landscape of the future is through fully self-driving cars.

While the technology isn’t quite there yet, there were presentations on the direction of the self-driving program at last year’s AI day. As Tesla strives to achieve this bold goal, many investors expect more information about the progress the company has made over the past year.

How to invest in technology without breaking a sweat

AI Day’s self-proclaimed goal is to attract top talent to work on these massive projects. For those not well versed in AI concepts, the usefulness or functionality of these ideas can be difficult to measure. After all, it’s hard to imagine something like Optimus as part of our everyday lives in the not-too-distant future. So it’s not uncommon to be a little overwhelmed by the technological advancements on display.

One thing is likely: there are potential return on investment in this space. But the reality is that Tesla is not alone in the cleantech and automation industry. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, it’s critical to keep all competitors out. However, most of us simply don’t have that kind of industry-specific knowledge or time to focus on building our investment portfolios.

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