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We’re excited to have over 40 newsletters ranging from politics to puzzles, front page news to food and drink. But if there are any issues with your newsletters, we’d like to know so we can do our best to help.

But first, here’s some troubleshooting advice.

Are you having trouble receiving a newsletter?

There are several reasons why you may not receive a Telegraph newsletter. Here are some common causes:

  • It is possible that the newsletter ends up in your spam folder. Take a look and if so, move it to your inbox and mark it as “not spam”. In this way, it must immediately end up in the right place in the future.
  • Add our email address to your contact list, as this should also mean we’ll arrive in your inbox. If you use Gmail, please put our emails in your “primary” tab. If you use iPhone mail, make sure to mark us as “not junk mail” and if you use Outlook, please add us to your “safe senders” list.
  • The name of the sender of our e-mail differs per e-mail, but you should be able to recognize him from these three examples
  • Some email clients limit the number of emails you can receive. Check if your inbox is full and delete old emails to free up space for new ones.
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If none of these work, please contact us so we can see if we can help you.

How can I unsubscribe from this newsletter?

We want you to enjoy our newsletters, but if you don’t, you are of course free to unsubscribe. You can do this by going to the newsletters tab in “My Account” and then clicking on “Delete” where you will see the relevant newsletter.

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For this you need your password. If you can’t remember your password, click on “forgot my password” just below where you entered your credentials and reset from there.

Can I sign up friends for one of your newsletters?

You cannot do this yourself due to privacy legislation, but if you forward the newsletter to your friends, they can sign up. Otherwise you can always send them to the main newsletter page where they can see all our newsletters and decide which one to sign up for.

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Why can’t I sign up for Beyond Brexit Bulletin, Economic Intelligence, Your Royal Appointment, Matt or Lisa Armstrong’s Front Row?

These are our subscription newsletters and contain exclusive, customized content shared only with Telegraph subscribers.

If you want to access this, sign up for a Telegraaf subscriptionwhich is free for the first month and costs just £3 per week after that.


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