Three dead and several injured after truck ‘ploughs into barbecue’


At least three people were killed when a truck collided with a barbecue nearby.

Several others were also taken to hospital with injuries after the driver drove through the crowd at the annual party.


Three people died after a truck crashed into a neighborhood barbecueCredit: Maurice Laparlière/Twitter
Destroyed picnic tables left at the wreck site


Destroyed picnic tables left at the wreck siteCredit: Maurice Laparlière/Twitter

Overturned picnic tables were left at the wreckage after tonight’s incident in Nieuw Beijerland in the Netherlands.

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It is not clear why the driver, reportedly in shock, headed for the group. He is being questioned by the police.

The truck had a Spanish license plate. Officers believe it was an accident.

The police inform local media that it is still unclear how many people have died, De Telegraaf reports.


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