Trevor Noah feels for Trump while sitting on the sidelines


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Twice the Trump

Former President Donald J. Trump is said to have expressed anger at the attention Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is getting for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard — because Trump claims it was his idea.

Trevor Noah said the Republican Party now has “two Donald Trumps.”

“Oh man, poor Donald Trump. He just sits at home and says, ‘You stole my idea! Besides, stealing stuff is also my idea. Read the news!'” — TREVOR NOAH

“Can you imagine being such a despicable creep, being mad at someone for being a despicable creep rather than you? That’s like taking credit for being the first man to put pineapple on pizza.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“But you know what’s really telling here is that Trump has a point in a sense, okay? He is the man who came up with the idea of ​​turning all politics into a series of stunts. That’s what he did – the Muslim ban, ‘build the wall’. That [expletive] has solved nothing but get the people going, and now the stunts are the driving force of the Republican Party, but Trump continues to watch on the sidelines.” — TREVOR NOAH

“And I feel sorry for you, Mr. Trump. But the fact is, Ron DeSantis, you see what he’s doing – he’s slowly becoming the Republican party now, he’s stealing your tricks and making it his own.” — TREVOR NOAH

The Punchiest Punchlines (Just a Stage Edition)

“Speaking of America, country I love, President of America Joe Biden made big news this weekend during the ’60 Minutes’ when he declared perhaps a little prematurely that the pandemic is over, marking the first time Joe Biden has ever has moved too fast.” —STEPHEN COLBERT

“President Biden claimed in a new interview that the coronavirus pandemic is over. Easy for him to say – he just had it. Of course it’s over when you have the antibodies: ‘I’m going to Burning Man and then to London for the Queen’s funeral. No masks, honey!’” —SETH MEYERS

“Legislators and public health officials are concerned that his comment could undermine the rollout of new booster shots and funding Congress. The White House says their Covid-19 policy is unchanged, despite Biden’s comments. It’s never a good sign when even the White House tries to distance itself from the president, right?” —JAMES CORDEN

“The Biden announcement took the White House by surprise and they are now trying to backtrack by saying, ‘Of course the president could have been more nuanced – he just said we’re in a different phase.’ Okay, saying something is over, a bit of a misleading way to announce a new phase.” —STEPHEN COLBERT

The Pieces Worth Watching

“Late Night” writers Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel took on black hobbits and lesbian rom-coms for Tuesday night’s “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.”

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What we’re excited about on Wednesday evening

Olivia Wilde, the director of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, will appear on Wednesday’s ‘Late Show’.

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