Truecaller for Android Updates with Video Caller ID, Redesigned Interface


Truecaller released version 12 of its caller ID app on Thursday with a list of new features. One of the biggest additions is the arrival of Video Caller ID which allows users to set a short video that plays automatically when they call their friends and family. Truecaller 12 also comes with a redesigned interface that brings separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. Truecaller has also integrated a call recording feature to record incoming and outgoing calls. The updated Truecaller also brings phantom call and call announcement features for paid users.

With Video Caller ID, you can set a short video that will play automatically when you call your phonebook contacts. You can either record video for caller ID or choose from the four preloaded templates. You will also start to see video caller ID from contacts in your phonebook and verified business calls.

You can manage your video caller ID and whether you want to receive video caller ID from companies and contacts by going to Settings > Caller ID from the latest Truecaller app. Notably, the video you set as caller ID will be stored in the Truecaller cloud.

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Truecaller added four preloaded templates which can be set as Video Caller ID
Photo credit: Truecaller

The updated Truecaller app also brings a streamlined interface where you will have separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. This is different from the existing interface where you have a Home shortcut for accessing calls and Truecaller for SMS.

With separate tabs, you can now access all of your text messages, Truecaller group chats and live chats with just one click, the Sweden-based company said in a press release.

Truecaller also said that Truecaller for SMS has over 15 million users.

The new Truecaller update also brings call recording, which was first introduced for Premium users and recently released for beta testing. It is now available to all Truecaller users, including paid and free users, who have a phone running Android 5.1 or later.

Calls recorded using Truecaller are stored locally on the device’s storage and can be shared with others via email or using any messaging service. The call recording function is optional and must be activated manually from the latest Truecaller app. Additionally, users can record voice calls from the app’s full screen or pop-up caller ID interface.

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Truecaller also said in its statement that callers will not be prompted to receive a notification whether their calls are recorded using the app.

In addition to the new features for all users, Truecaller has separately improved the user experience for its paid subscribers by providing phantom call and call announcement features. Ghost Call allows users to pretend to have received a call from their contacts.

You can set any name, number, or picture to appear as if you received a call from that person using the phantom call feature. You can also choose a contact from your phonebook that you want to display as a caller on your phone. Additionally, you can schedule a ghost call to appear on your phone at a later date.

truecaller ghost call image Truecaller

Truecaller added ghost call feature for paid users
Photo credit: Truecaller

Truecaller says the Ghost Call feature is meant to help people get out of sticky situations and play harmless pranks on their friends.

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The second feature for paid Truecaller users is the Call Announcement feature which will allow the app to speak Caller ID aloud for incoming phone calls. This will work for both saved contacts and numbers identified by Truecaller’s caller ID database. The functionality will also be accessible for normal voice calls and Truecaller ID. Users can also activate the call announcement while wearing headphones.

Notably, Ghost Call and Call Announcement will both be available exclusively to Premium and Gold users. While Truecaller Premium is available at Rs. 529 per year or Rs. 179 for three months, Gold membership is at Rs. 2,500 per year.

Truecaller said the new features will be rolled out gradually to all Android users in India in the coming weeks and soon to several other countries. Some features are already available in beta. However, it’s unclear when we might see them on the iOS version of Truecaller.

Earlier this week, Truecaller revealed that it has 300 million monthly active users globally, 73% of which are in India alone.



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