Trump knew his claims were not credible even though he was pressuring the DOJ to act on them


Former acting assistant attorney general Richard Donoghue said none of Trump’s election fraud allegations were credible and that Trump still wanted DOJ members to say the election was corrupt.

Here is Donoghue’s testimony based in part on notes he took during a December 2020 meeting with Donald Trump:

“Just say the election is corrupt and leave the rest to me and Republican congressmen,” Donoghue said Trump told them.

Donoghue testified that he refuted an “arsenal” of false allegations by Trump. He said he tried to explain to Trump that the DOJ represents the US government and is not in charge of elections.

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“States organize their elections. We are not quality control for states,” he tried to explain to Trump.

Donoghue’s recollection of telling Trump his claims had no basis is similar to that of Bill Barr’s earlier testimony (of “bullsh*t” infamy).

On Tuesday, various election officials testified about their efforts to investigate Trump’s specious claims and also came up empty.

On June 16, then-Vice President General Counsel Greg Jacob testified that Eastman admitted to Trump on January 4 that the scheme to overturn the election was illegal.

“Has John Eastman ever admitted to the president that his proposal would violate the Voter Count Act?

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“I believe he did it the fourth.”

This is further proof that Trump knew his scheme was illegal. This point may not even have legal significance for prosecuting Trump and/or his Mafia cronies, but it does matter because it means Trump lied to people when he tricked them into going to the Capitol on the 6th January, and he lied in committing other possible crimes like his fundraising from that lie for legal aid that he didn’t actually spend on legal aid (as was obvious to anyone who watched Rudy Giuliani sweating hair dye in front of Four Seasons Landscaping).

It also establishes that Trump knew he was pressuring the Justice Department to undertake an unlawful act based on a lie to deny a peaceful transfer of power, which is the most flagrant abuse of power imaginable. in a democracy.


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