Trump supporters confronted with the facts of the January 6 hearings struggle to accept the truth


When Donald Trump’s American Freedom Tour visited Mississippi last week, ‘s Jordan Klepper followed. On Thursday’s show, Klepper shared some of the conversations he had with tour participants regarding the ongoing January 6 Committee hearings.

Attendees saw video testimony from the former president’s closest allies and family, but many refused to accept the information presented to them. For example, a man was shown a video of Ivanka Trump in which she believed Attorney General William Barr’s claim that no voter fraud occurred in the 2000 election.

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“I respect Attorney General Barr,” Trump had said, “so I accepted what he was saying.”

At first he thought the images of the former president’s daughter had been edited, then he asked, “Did she say it on Twitter?”

None of the Trump supporters he spoke with had watched the hearings, but one woman expressed interest in an investigative hearing on Nancy Pelosi. She believed the Speaker of the House created the mob of people who attacked her and other House members on January 6.

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“She wanted to be able to blame Trump supporters and have something bad to say about them,” the woman explained.

While most attendees refused to believe information from the January 6 Committee hearings, a few supporters acknowledged testimony from Trump’s own cabinet. However, they didn’t particularly care.

“Does this change your point of view and your assumptions? Klepper asked a participant

“That’s right,” replied the man, who quickly admitted he was still going to watch the former president’s speech.

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