Trump’s PAC pays Melania Trump’s fashion designer even while under investigation for fraud


The DOJ is investigating Trump’s Save America PAC for fraud, but that hasn’t stopped them from using donor money to pay Melania Trump’s fashion designer.

Here’s the entry from Issac Stanley-Becker’s recent disclosure report from The Washington Post:

Trump spends little money supporting candidates or fighting ‘election fraud’. that was the stated purpose of the super PAC. Donald Trump is not a candidate for anything. His wife is not a candidate or a public figure. Melania Trump does not perform officially or in public. She doesn’t show up to Trump’s meetings and doesn’t speak. There is no justifiable legal reason why Trump would pay for her clothes.

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The DOJ is investigating Trump and his super PAC for fraud because of this type of spending. The super PAC was started on the basis of a lie. It continues to raise absurd sums of money based on the continuation of the lie.

According to Open Secrets, the Save America PAC has raised more than $103 million between 2021-2022. Of that amount, $455,000 has been given to Republican candidates and $35 million has apparently been spent by the Trumps.

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There is no noticeable expenditure on ‘election integrity’.

Even a federal fraud investigation can’t stop donor money stealing.


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