Uproar coming? New Poll Shows DeSantis Leading Trump in Hypothetical 2024 Florida Primary


With more than a year to go before the Republican presidential primaries will take place, it is far too early for any solid predictions. But a new poll shows that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads the Sunshine State over former President Donald Trump.

Again, it’s very early, but that would be a big change at the top of the GOP hopes.

In a hypothetical Florida primary in 2024, DeSantis leads Trump by 48% to 40%.

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Presence within the GOP

In this particular case, it could very well be that DeSantis just gets home field advantage. (Yes, Trump lives there, but he probably isn’t considered a “Floridian” by most Republicans like their current governor.)

But DeSantis is no slouch, and he is certainly a favorite among conservatives.

Since his election in 2018, Ron DeSantis has become a rising star on the right due to his no-nonsense style of governing and his willingness to take on the media.

But another poll, the Politico/Morning Consult poll released Wednesday, shows quite a difference when we leave Florida: If the GOP primary were held today, 52% of respondents said they would vote for Trump, 19% said they would vote for Ron DeSantis.

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Other Interesting Poll Results

So far out there are many polls saying many things. Another recent poll, the Harvard-CAPS Harris poll, also shows some intriguing numbers.

If the 2024 presidential election were held today, Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden by 45% – 42%.

A hypothetical match-up between Trump and Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t bode well for Democrats, either. Trump beats Harris 47% – 40%. Another very interesting result is when things are narrowed down to the Republican primaries.

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With Trump in the running, he wins with 59% of the vote and DeSantis comes in second with 17%.

But take Trump out of the race and things change. DeSantis wins with 39% of the vote, while former Vice President Mike Pence comes in second with 18%.

Obviously, DeSantis is waiting in the wings.

Favor is also a fascinating snapshot. Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Bernie Sanders have the highest preference ratios of all politicians in the country.

In fourth and fifth place respectively are Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Ron DeSantis is number six on the list, but he’s also not quite a “national figure” like the others.

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Other Polls Democrats Don’t Want You To Know

While the Democrats want to point out how popular Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are, there are other things they’d rather you didn’t know. Like the fact that, according to the same poll by Harvard-CAPS Harris, 55% of Americans are more concerned about the socialist left than “MAGA Republicans.”

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Straw polls were good for Donald Trump this year. At the CPAC conference in February, Trump took that straw poll on DeSantis 59% to 28%. But in May at the Wisconsin State GOP convention, DeSantis had pulled Trump from 38% to 32%.

In July, at a Turning Point USA meeting, Trump had regained the poll’s lead with 78.7% of the vote and DeSantis with 19.0%.

Republicans will definitely have to start popping the popcorn as both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis enter the 2024 GOP presidential battle.

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