Urban Prep Academies administrator forced out over claims of improper relationship with student


CHICAGO (TSWT) — An Urban Prep Academies administrator has been forced to leave after the Chicago Public Schools discovered he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old college student.

CPS Chief Portfolio Officer Alfonso Carmona sent a letter to Urban Prep’s parents about the matter on Wednesday. The letter did not name the administrator.

CPS told parents that in April 2021, the Inspector General launched an investigation into the inappropriate behavior of the school management with a student. The administrator was granted leave of absence and was not allowed to enter CPS facilities – including those linked to Urban Prep charter schools.

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He was also not allowed to interact with Urban Prep students, Carmona wrote.

On June 30 of this year, the Inspector General of the CPS substantiated the allegations against the administrator – including that he had indeed had an inappropriate relationship with the 16-year-old Urban Prep student and was guilty of other unspecified misconduct with the teenager, wrote the letter.

The CPS leadership ordered the administrator to be fired immediately. The administrator appealed the decision, and the CPS Title IX coordinator dismissed his appeal, Carmona wrote.

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The manager has since resigned. CPS was notified of his resignation last Friday, Carmona wrote.

The administrator will remain banned from CPS buildings and cannot be rehired by CPS.

“Nothing is more important to Chicago Public Schools than student safety in our schools,” Carmona wrote. “Chicago Public Schools is working with UPA to ensure that all UPA students are safe and that their rights are protected.”

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Carmona also stressed that complaints of sexual misconduct are taken seriously throughout the CPS system — and students and staff who are aware of such misconduct are urged to come forward.

Complaints can be made to the Office of Student Protections at 773-535-4400, [email protected], or the online complaint form at www.cps.edu/osp, Carmona wrote.

Urban Prep is celebrated nationwide. For more than a decade, 100 percent of seniors have been admitted to four-year colleges and universities.


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