Video Captures Irving Police Using Violence to Stop Student Fighting at Nimitz High School


Irving Police used violence in response to a fight at Irving Nimitz High School on Wednesday, which was captured on video clips.

Students involved in the brawl were detained, Irving police said Thursday.

An Irving officer at the scene was transferred while the Irving Police Department conducted an investigation into the use of force.

A video shared on social media shows an Irving officer slamming a student into a cart, and seconds later, the officer pushes the same student to the ground.

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Police said no injuries were reported in the fight, which took place in a lunch line at the school, 100 W. Oakdale Road. Irving police have not released any information about the start of the brawl.

Irving officers assigned to the school responded to the disruption and separated the parties involved in the fight, police said in a press release. According to the police, students were arrested who were responsible for the brawl.

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Irving police used force to break up the students, saying officers used their hands but no weapons.

The Irving Police Department launched an internal investigation after video clips of the brawl, separation and arrest were posted on social media.

Irving police said they communicated with school officials and a parent of an involved student.

An internal investigation continued on Thursday.

Anyone with information about the incident at Irving Nimitz High School should call the Irving Police Department Professional Standards Division at 972-721-3510.

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