Woman seen crying over husband’s death before sick text messages revealed her role


A chilling video shows a panicked woman screaming for help after her husband was found dead in his truck – before it was revealed she was plotting his murder.

Robert Poynter’s marriage to Chacey Poynter came to an end in 2016 when he was found dead on a dirt road.


Chacey was placed in a police car at the scene of the murderCredit: 48 hours
A jury sentenced Chacey Poynter to life in June 2019 after finding her guilty of the death of her husband, Robert Louis Poynter III


A jury sentenced Chacey Poynter to life in June 2019 after finding her guilty of the death of her husband, Robert Louis Poynter IIICredit: Hunt County Detention Center
Robert Poynter was a beloved firefighter.


Robert Poynter was a beloved firefighter.Credit: Dateline

Robert Poynter, a firefighter, was shot in his truck on a road in Royce City, Texas.

The street was unpaved, had no street lights and was intended for farmers to drive their tractors through.

His wife, Chacey, called 911 at 10:47 PM on September 9, 2016, though all they could hear was her running and yelling that she needed the police because her husband had been shot.

When the police arrived, they found a frenzied Chacey, who put the officer in his car.

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The officer then ran half a mile down the rural, muddy street to nurse Robert.

He was found bent over in the couple’s jeep with a gunshot wound to the head and his bloodied cell phone still in the center console.

Paramedics attended to Chacey, who seemingly had no idea what had happened.

‘A kind soul’

Robert, known as Bob, was described by his mother as “possibly” her favorite child of his and his two sisters.

She said she called him 10 to 15 times a day.

He was said to be funny and non-confrontational; a peacemaker.

As such, he spent nearly 20 years as a firefighter helping people and rising through the ranks to captain.

He even helped with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.

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Bob married young and had two children. His first marriage ended after 19 years.

It was then that he met a much younger Chacey and had a daughter, Addison.

The couple had settled in Chacey’s hometown of Royce City, Texas, where he worked long days and Chacey worked in a dental office and a pie shop, a friend told Dateline.

In September 2016, Bob, whom Chacey called Robert, took the whole family on a trip to Mexico.

He was dead just six days later.

Police dig deep

According to Dateline, Chacey’s cell phone was found in the muddy road in a puddle, which is why investigators initially believed her 911 call had been cut off.

When they found the vehicle, they found that her bag was still on the floor, an indication that she had not been robbed.

Investigators also determined that the shot was fired from very close range, as some cotton wool from the shotgun bullet was still in Bob’s skull.

No weapon was found at the scene.

Statement by Chacey

Chacey panicked when paramedics attended to her and appeared traumatized by the incident.

She told them she would meet Bob at a local Jack in the Box, and he had texted him three miles away.

Their daughter, Addison, was at a friend’s house.

She said her jeep got stuck on the muddy road while on her way to meet Bob.

She claimed he was already at the Jack In The Box, so he went to get her.

While she was in the ambulance, she said that Bob had pulled out the jeep when she heard a gunshot, saw a shadow, then started to roll.

She claimed she ran away from the scene because she didn’t know what else to do.

She said she only saw “a man” who was tall and dark, but didn’t see who it was or any firearms on the scene.

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She reportedly admitted they were having marital problems and said she hadn’t seen Bob in a few days.

“I was young and stupid when I got married,” she told police.

She said the couple had talked about divorce and Bob said he would take Addison.

Her daughter was her world, she said, and he threatened to take her because that would hurt her the most.

Chacey said the family had a good time in Mexico, but since then their marriage has broken down and she moved in with a friend, Michael Garza.


She and Bob would meet at the Jack In The Box to talk, Chacey said.

The police told Dateline that they were put off by how talkative Chacey was and thought her distress was an act, so they took her back to the police station.

There she told them that Bob was physically abusive and once threw her against the wall.

She claimed she had sex with Garza when she was at his house, and he was jealous when he learned she was going to meet Bob.

Then the police saw a hole in her story.

She said she touched Bob’s face when he was shot, meaning the blood on her would run down her arm.

Instead, it went down her arm and on her face, indicating that she was very close to Bob when he was shot, which she denied.

She told police that Garza drove his truck out of the state, so he couldn’t be the suspect, but admitted he had a camo gun in his house.

After two hours of interrogation, Chacey finally confessed.

Chacey told police she and Garza were discussing doing something about Bob so he could “taste his own medicine.”

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She said she never asked Garza to kill Bob, but that the plan was all Garza’s.

She claimed that Garza told her to tell Bob to come to a dirt road, lure him there with the story of the jeep that got stuck.

When he got there, Garza was waiting for him.

While he was shooting Bob, Chacey said she called 911 and yelled for Garza to stop.

When she ran off in a panic and called 911, Garza stopped her and threw her phone away, she said.

Chacey was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

Search for Garza

From there, the police went on a hunt for Garza.

When police approached his mother to find out where Garza was, she said she didn’t think her son was capable of that kind of “evil.”

She was in for a surprise when he turned himself in two days later.

Months later, a farmer found Garza’s camouflage rifle, which could be seen in his Facebook profile picture, and a T-shirt.

Police believe he shot Bob and dropped his gun and shirt to flee the scene.


Garcia claimed he was milking a cow at the time of the murder, but a jury didn’t believe it.

He was sentenced to 99 years in prison.

Chacey’s defense tried to say she was trying to stop Garza.

They also reiterated claims that Bob was physically and verbally abusive.

Prosecutors said they found no evidence of this, but did find three other boyfriends Chacey had in mind to kill Bob.

Text messages revealed that she and Garza had been planning the murder for some time.

Prosecutors claimed she wanted Bob’s life insurance policy for hundreds of thousands of dollars

She also reportedly feared divorce, as the couple had a prenuptial agreement and she could not support herself alone.

She was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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She’ll be 59 by the time she’s released, if she ever does.

She was convicted in 2019 and a jury confirmed her conviction in 2021.

Chacey was in a panic when she told her story to the police on the night of her husband's murder


Chacey panicked when she told her story to the police on the night of her husband’s murderCredit: TSWT
Michael Glen Garza was convicted of murder in connection with the case.


Michael Glen Garza was convicted of murder in connection with the case.Credit: police photo
Royse City rarely saw the crime.


Royse City rarely saw the crime.Credit: Dateline
Bob's mom said she called her son 10-15 times a day.


Bob’s mom said she called her son 10-15 times a day.Credit: Dateline


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