Wordle #435 Today’s Word Answer, Hint and Clues – Sunday, August 28


As I type this it is raining. It’s quite beautiful, actually. It has rained here almost daily. It’s one of the most amazing monsoons I’ve ever seen, with sunny mornings turning gray, long rolling thunder, soft mist building into heavy downpours.

Floods were a problem. We had the big fires and they really changed the landscape of the flood plains. It even flooded my street once, which has never happened before. Other neighborhoods have had it much worse.

But we need the rain. We need more snow so hopefully this winter will be white with all that fuzzy stuff. We will see.

Pray for rain, pray for snow. Okay, let’s do this Wordle!

Today’s Wordle #435 Answer, Hint and Clue

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

The tip: Bandage-adjacent.

The clue: There are more vowels than consonants in this word.

The answer:

Oof. That was close. Too close.

It’s crazy – lately I keep getting my best and worst starting guesses. Yesterday my first guess left me with only elf remaining solutions. I came in at 11 today on guess #3.

my first guess, hoist, seemed like a good idea, but 668 remaining solutions out of 2,309 is probably my worst yet.

Satisfying, crane brought that number down to 21, but then I just kept drawing blanks on what to use next, so I went with it chaplain even knowing the ‘R’ had been knocked out of the game. I think I got a little impatient.

From here I started to think that there must be more vowels than just two. I had both the ‘A’ and the ‘E’ in green, but they were quite far apart and the only word I could think of was eagle, which was by no means a bad bet, limiting my options to just 3.

I suspected gauge because gauze didn’t even occur to me, to be quite honest (the other option at this point would have been blunder which I didn’t even think of). With one guess left, I crossed my fingers, I typed gauze no lack of shyness. . . and walked away with the win. Howdy!



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